Tradeshow Order Management With Integrated Online Ordering

Boomer Commerce® facilitates the entire exhibitor and show management ordering and delivery process. It combines a powerful Admin portal for managing events, products, pricing and orders with an e-commerce storefront that behaves the way buyers have come to expect in an online shopping experience. Whether orders come in from the storefront or “the old way”, Boomer has all the tools to help you manage and fulfill customers’ needs.
Whether you're a general service contractor, a venue, or a specialty supplier, Boomer is a more effective solution than anything else available. Don't decide on dead-end solutions like custom building your own or choosing an outdated system until you test drive Boomer.
"Boomer has taken our exhibitor ordering platform to the next level!
We have been waiting a long time for a product like this. In addition, the support from Telling Stone has been first class."

Mark Staples, President - American Exposition Services

Compare the Options Custom Built Brand X Boomer Commerce®
Certified as a valid payment application against the latest 2.0 standards by the PCI Council
Designed especially for the tradeshow and convention industry to accommodate the event-specific needs such as varying pricing based on show and dates
Constantly evolving feature set specific to what's important to exhibitor suppliers
Single order management solution with a built-in branded storefront
Simple cost structure without complicated add-on components or other hidden costs.
Fully hosted environment without upfront hardware or software investment; access it from anywhere

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